Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rainbow Fruit Kebobs

Happy 1st Birthday to my granddaughter, Rachel! 

My daughter Karen went all-out with a rainbow themed party. For lunch we had tacos, complete with guacamole, pico de gallo, salsa, and various meats. Salad, tostada dip and spanish rice rounded out the meal. Amy made rainbow fruit kebobs--they were so refreshing on a warm day and popular with all partygoers.

 Simply skewer your favorite rainbow-colored fruits!

 This is Rachel with Kristin, a family friend. She is a fabulous baker and made a special rainbow cake just for Rachel since she is allergic to eggs.

Thank you, Kristin, for your baking talents and for taking time to bake this special cake--while you're in the midst of graduation!

Rachel's rainbow cake was rainbow colored on the inside, too!

 Happy 1st Birthday to this special little one!

 Jessica used her decorating talents to hang Karen's decorations with Rick. 

 Grandpa Gary is hanging little construction paper lantern-type balls.

 Karen also made these large paper flowers with crepe paper streamers attached and they were hung in the trees.

 So pretty!

 This is Karen's college friend Emily. She stopped in on her way home to Oregon from a New York vacation. How nice to see her!

Notice the edge of the chalk board on the tree?

This is the chalkboard Karen made for Rachel. It has all the little details of what Rachel's like at 1 year old!

This bunting shows a picture of Rachel each month--unfortunately I didn't notice two of the numbers are flipped up!

It's always a lot of fun when cousins get together!

 How old is Rachel? One!

The next day we went to the farmer's market. We ate our way down the street, stopping to sample fruits, and had a fun lunch sampling from several vendors.

All day, Raymond, Mitchell's dad, talked about treating us all to lobster tails for dinner--and lobster tails are something that I never buy--too expensive! By the end of the afternoon, the meal increased to lobster and steak--then when he and Mitchell's mom Candy came back from the store, they also bought some large shrimp and sweet corn!

 What a treat! Mitchell grilled everything, we ate outside on their new picnic table, and it all was so delicious! Thank you, Raymond and Candy for such a fancy and generous meal!

 The next day we went to the beach where Rachel put her toes in the ocean for the first time.

 Then we headed over to see the redwoods. Gary and Raymond drove together in one car and Mitchell drove all the girls. The drive was long, on a road with lots of twists and turns up and down the mountains, but Gary said he didn't even notice the drive, he was having so much fun talking with Raymond!

She's growing up so fast!

What a fun weekend!

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