Sunday, August 21, 2011

Coming Attractions...

Here's a little teaser of what we've been doing and what we've got coming here on FOODjimoto:

My friend Gail's granddaughter Sophia will be making onigiri and spam musubi with her mom Ceci and her friend Madison.

Madison and her mom Christine joined us.

We had a little cooking class!

Another post will be how to make Furikake Chex Mix.

My cousin Tim is going to be a guest blogger and show you how he makes chile relleno.

Also, my nephew Tyler will be making some beef jerky.


I'm going to tell you what we did over the weekend.

Stay tuned!

No printable recipe.


  1. Can't wait! Whenever I read your posts I feel like I know you somehow. Are you from Hawaii? Maybe it's just the food chemistry! Especially the furikake chex mix. I hope you post a recipe!

  2. Can't hardly wait. Have a lovely Monday!

  3. The girls are so cute! I'm sure it was a very fun cooking class (hmmm, think I might need one).

    CHILLE RELLENO!!!!!! I love chille relleno - can't wait.

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