Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Curly Endive

My dad grows vegetables.

The other day he brought over a couple of bags with huge heads of lettuce in them.

Curly endive.

The heads of curly endive are so big and healthy-looking!

So delicious, too!

I'm so thankful my dad thinks of me and delivers fresh produce to my door.

Sometimes it's simply ding-dong-dash--he rings the doorbell and by the time I open the front door, he's already heading out the front gate with a wave, off to make his next delivery.

Thanks, Dad!

My dad grew up with farming as the family business, and even though he's worked in other businesses, I think in his heart he'll always be a farmer.

This old photograph had a clump of fuzzy purple fur stuck to it--thank you to my daughter Karen for the great restoration.

You did such a great job, Karen!

I think my dad is happiest on a tractor.

He loves tractors.

A long time ago, when he was convalescing from something--I can't remember what--I bought him a fancy scale 1950's model vintage Ford tractor, one of those fancy ones, from a mall store that used to carry really nice reproductions of old cars and stuff.

My mom later told me that my dad liked it so much--he took the tractor out of the box and while in bed, puttered that tractor around the bed just like a little kid.

Making the tractor noise and everything.

Turns out that tractor was the model he farmed with, back-in-the-day.

My dad's been growing vegetables at The Hurst Ranch in West Covina for about 40 years.

If you've been following along here, you might remember that's where my daughter got married--there are some photos here, after the recipe.

He's got something growing there almost year-round.

Now that my dad's got someone that helps with growing the vegetables at Hurst Ranch, he's been growing some different things, like the curly endive.

The last few photos were taken by my sisters-in-law.

Thanks, Lorraine and Amy for sharing your photos!

While visiting with my mom and dad the other day, they told me a nice story.

My mom's friend, the one in this picture--Jean, got in touch with my mom after years and years by email.

I always knew her name because she was in my parents' wedding album, and I knew she was Mom's good friend, but I didn't know her.

Mom simply said Jean was her friend that lives in New York.

(My cousins Karyn and Reiko are so cute and so little in this picture!)

Mom said she told Jean about, and that Jean's been following along, and has even tried some recipes.

She said that Jean feels like she's gotten to know our family from all the stories I've told here.

Someday, I hope to meet Jean and listen to her tell some stories about my mom when she was a young girl.

I have several friends that I sometimes have lost touch with for years, then when we see one another again we can pick up as if no time has passed since the last time we spoke.

It seems like Mom and Jean may have that kind of friendship.

When I get to meet Jean, I'll be sure to bring my camera to take a photo of the two of them together, so I can put it next to the one with the two of them together on Mom's wedding day.


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