Saturday, December 31, 2011

El Antojito Taco Truck

 Yesterday my nephew Colin came over to make meatballs for

In the middle of our cooking session we took a break--Mitchell and Karen took us for a drive to Gardena to get tacos from Mitchell's favorite place--the El Antojito taco truck on the corner of 168th and Figueroa.

Mitchell used to work within walking distance of this taco truck and he ate lunch there three times a week--he's been telling us for awhile now that we need to try it.

Yesterday was the day--we drove 45 minutes out there for lunch.

What a treat!

There were a lot of people eating there, we got there about noon--but the line went fast, and by the time we went to sit down, there were a lot of tables available.

The turnover is fast.

Colin was excited and we couldn't decide what to order, so Mitchell ordered for all of us.

 Barbacoa is his favorite so we each got one of those.

By the way--the tacos are $1 each--Mitchell was happy the prices had not gone up since he ate there last!

The other plates held an assortment of different meats--carnitas and asada.
The salsa is a little on the spicy side, but perfect for me.

Colin was doing great until he bit into the pickled jalapeno pepper--watch out, the seeds are hot!

Thank you, Mitchell, the tacos were delicious!

El Antojito
168th St and Figueroa
Gardena, CA 90247

Find them on Yelp.

You can make the tacos yourself with our Carne Asada or  Fish Taco recipes!


Colin's tall.

And he has a long neck.

It seemed like he had to crane his neck to the side to ride in Karen & Mitchell's car.

Colin has a great sense of humor!

Here's a preview of Colin making his meatball sandwiches.

Another Coming Attraction--

Mitchell has a few dishes that he made while here at Christmas-time and he is going to be a Guest Blogger!

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