Monday, March 11, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Deviled Eggs

Does anyone remember my Easter Eggs Post?

Coloring the whites of the eggs works for just about any party or holiday. All you need to do is color the egg whites in the color or colors of holidays, baby showers, or--St. Patrick's Day!

 You can find detailed instructions on the link above, or again, here.

 I like the more pastel green, but you can make them a darker green by adding a few drops more green food coloring or leaving the egg whites in the dyeing cup longer.

I think this would be nice for a Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham party, too. Just sprinkle a little finely chopped ham or bacon bits on top of the yolks.

I remember my mother making Green Eggs and Ham when I was little.

With Easter right around the corner, it's a good time to revisit our Easter Eggs post!


Vaughn and his wife Goretti (whom you met in my Roasted Pepper Sushi post), treated us to a day at Disneyland and California Adventure not too long ago. Vaughn is currently working on Gravity Falls, seen on The Disney Channel. It was so nice spending the day with two three of my favorite people!

If you'd like, you can read a little bit more about Vaughn in my Meatloaf with Barbecue Sauce post.

Here's a little clip from the Disney cartoon Gravity Falls via YouTube.

In honor of Vaughn's birthday today--Happy Birthday, Vaughn!--I thought I'd visit some of his t-shirt artwork from the past.

During the 90's, Vaughn designed several t-shirts for sale at the Asian craft shows in California. "Gomen!" was a favorite. Do you know anyone that pushed the insides out of a maki-zushi because they didn't like them--like Vaughn did when he was little?  When that happens, one should say, "Gomen!" or "Sorry!". Say it like Vaughn did, with a big smile, and all will be forgiven.

Vaughn also gave some drawing lessons around the time he was doing t-shirt designs. The lessons were in a style like what's shown in the Taiko design. Whenever I see a former student or mother of a student, they always ask about Vaughn. Everyone knew he would gain success from his artwork!

 Vaughn has a great sense of humor, doesn't he!

Vaughn designed this Japanese dance design when my daughter was taking odori lessons. I just love how he drew the kanzashi (hair ornament). It reminds me of dressing up in kimono when I was little.

Kaeru means frog in Japanese. It also means 'to come home'. My mother-in-law says that's why frogs are a lucky charm when she goes to Las Vegas to play the slot machines--the money that you put in the machine will 'come home' to you.

The Daruma is a symbol of good luck. I was taught that you get a daruma doll without eyes, make a wish, and draw in the eyes when the wish comes true. They always looked kind of scary to me without eyes, so I'd draw them in first, then make a wish.

Have you seen a Maneki Neko in a Japanese restaurant or store? It's also called a welcome cat, but more like--beckoning cat. The cat, with its raised paw is beckoning one to come in. It's considered good luck too.

Vaughn sets such a good example for us here at our house--he has a tremendous work ethic, is kind, generous and thoughtful--always remembering our birthdays and holidays. He lives his life with gratitude and calls or emails often to express it. He and his wife Goretti make us feel special and loved.

Happy Birthday, Vaughn!

We love you!


  1. So talented!
    Happy Birthday, Vaughn!
    (I got to hold the Emmy! Wow!)

  2. I love the first shirts. I used to always push the cucumbers out of makizushi! Not that I didn't love cucumber, I just didn't like the crunchiness with the smooth feel of the rest of the roll.

    My mom would see my pile of cucumber matchsticks and demand I eat them.

  3. the pics at the bottom are really cute cool and funny