Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Fare

I'm not a football fan, unless I know someone playing, so what's fun about Super Bowl Sunday for me is preparing food.

Our Super Bowl fare isn't what I think of as typical football food.

I made my sushi bar along with some extras.

Salmon sashimi,

And some octopus,

To serve with my sushi bar.

As I'm finishing up the prep, in walks my brother carrying several bags of Chinese food from Sam Woo's barbecue, a favorite of his.

And it's all vegetarian dishes.

For me!

None of the barbecued meats the restaurant is famous for.

No cha siu or roast duck!

Vegetarian chow fun,

Chinese broccoli,

MaPo Tofu without meat,

Fried Tofu,

And baby bok choy with garlic.

When my brother brought in the food, he said he ordered everything vegetarian, thinking of me. He said he didn't want me to feel like I was missing out not eating the dishes with meats.


That instantly brought a big smile to my face, my eyes lit up, and I was infused with absolute delight!

It's not about the food, although the food was delicious.

And I'm perfectly okay with everyone else eating meat.

It's about being thought of, and my brother going out of his way to do such a nice, thoughtful thing.

For me!

We ended up having tons of food with my sister-in-law making some fried chicken and a delectable poppy seed cake that she made from scratch.

My mom brought a shrimp plate, some stromboli from Sbarro's, a bunch of drinks and a flat of pansies to plant in the yard.

I am very well taken care of!

Here we are, my brother and me.

My brother loves fishing, and fishing gear. He's good at fishing, too. He knows where all the good spots are and he always catches the big fish. He's a thinker, and smart. He's friendly and will strike up a conversation with the people standing next to him in line or with the people he meets on mountain bike trails. He generously picks up the tab for us in restaurants and he's thoughtful to his sisters.

This is one of my favorite pics of my brother.

Thanks for being so thoughtful.

Love you bunches!

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  1. Adorable picture of you and your brother. Been thinking about my brother lately - all the fun things he use to do for us when we were little. Brothers always try to take care of their sisters.