Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tuna Poke


Poke is Hawaiian style sashimi.

I asked my niece in Honolulu what is the correct way to pronounce it.

She said, "I've heard some people saying it like poke-ee, but it's supposed to sound like you're saying 

In Hawaii, there are whole stores dedicated to different ways to prepare poke. For an introduction, I think this method is a great start.

Some of my friends want to have sashimi at home, and are a little intimidated about the ingredients. They want to know if you can buy the salmon or ahi tuna at Costco and eat it raw.

I have heard of people doing that, but I was taught that the fish you eat raw should be 'sashimi grade' or freshly caught by someone you know.
When I buy sashimi for my family, I buy it from Marukai and make poke.

They have a reasonably priced 'Tuna For Poke (Busuguiri)' item, I think the Japanese translates 'roughly chopped'. It's a lot less than what a small block of premium sashimi costs.

There's not a lot of ingredients, and not much chopping, so it's super easy to prepare.


1 lb. Tuna for Poke

1 package Poke Mix

3 green onions

2 teaspoons sesame oil


There's directions on the back of the package, it's really easy.

You start by hydrating the ogo--seaweed--that's in the package.

You can buy fresh ogo (or limu ogo) at Marukai. I used to buy that, but it's too much for the small amount I make, and ended up throwing it out.

That's mottainai and I hate to waste things.

So I use the one that's in the package.

Cut the fish into bite-sized pieces, place into a bowl.

Then squeeze the water out of the ogo and give it a rough chop.

Add 2 teaspoons of sesame oil and sprinkle on the Hawaiian salt in the package. 

Gently toss with 1 tablespoon shoyu.

Top with sliced green onions. 

I added a sprinkling of sesame seeds too.

I served this with my sushi bar.

But I've also served this as the main part of a meal, with just rice and sliced cucumbers.

Eyes always light up when I serve this!

My mom and sister came over the next day to cook, and had some poke with the sushi bar leftovers.

I'm always so delighted to hear the "Ooo's" and "Ahhh's" when they're enjoying what they're eating.

My sister, who is visiting from Hawaii, and my mom cooked for me yesterday. 

What a treat!

My sister makes a vegetarian dish she got from the Moosewood Restaurant cookbook, 

Mushroom, Peanut, Tofu Stew with Greens.

Then it was my turn to "Ooo and Ahhh" over the food.

That's for tomorrow.

My sister's a lot of fun!


  1. Yeah, your sister does look like a lot of fun. Runs in the family, huh?

    The poke looks very, very, very delicious at the moment. Reminds me how much I miss Hawaii, always order it when we vacation there.

  2. I've seen it but was never brave enough to try the Poke Mix. Next time I'm at Marukai, I'll pick it up! And Aaron will be very happy! :)

  3. I'm definitely craving this and a big bowl of hot gohan. Keep the comfort food coming!!