Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Camping Kebobs

If you're looking for something to cook over the fire when you go camping, you might like to try these Camping Kebobs.

Every year, one of the dinners we make while camping has turned into "bacon wrapped everything" and is a favorite of everyone there.

This year it was especially good, Gary's already mentioned it several times since we got home!

I found these individual wire baskets at Home Goods last year.

They worked really well, much better than the large, flexible wire cages for kebobs.

The Bacon Wrapped Everything started several years ago with our friend Keith making appetizers over the campfire, and it has expanded every year.

Now it's tradition.

This year we made them with shrimp and steak.

Peel the raw shrimp, add a slice of garlic, and wrap it in bacon.

We used a 1/3 slice of bacon--we're using pepper bacon here--the bacon you can buy that's partially cooked works well, too.

With the partially cooked bacon--the bacon doesn't take long to get crisp and it's more on line with the cooking time of the shrimp.

Stack the pieces in the wire basket.

It's narrow so it fits one piece perfectly--which makes it fun for everyone to cook their own--or, when they're done, open the basket up and pass out the individual pieces around the campfire.

We also made bites of rib eye steak like this.

Make a little slit into the steak, insert a small piece of garlic and wrap it with bacon.

Earlier, we had roasted cloves of garlic, drizzled with a bit of olive oil, in foil over the campfire.

The roasted garlic in the bacon wrapped bundle was really good.

Scallops are good like this too.

It was difficult to cook them over the fire skewered marshmallow-style, so we put some foil down on the campfire grill and they cooked well like that, too.

Use long-handled tongs to turn them over.

This way worked the best.

This morning, after breakfast, Gary mentioned how tasty the bacon wrapped shrimp and steak was--again.

He said that when you bite into the hot, straight off the grill, shrimp or steak, with the crisp bacon and the flavor of the garlic mid-bite--

It was delicious!


(Thank you for the good meal!)


Over the holiday weekend, we took our annual trip to Convict Lake near Mammoth Lakes.

This is Keith and his girlfriend, Emily.

It was nice meeting you, Emily.

Keith took Emily and Beeto fishing and they caught several trout!

Beeto reeled in her first fish.

Being exhausted after fishing deserves a little nap.

Keith and Emily came all the way from New York to camp with us.

Connie is cooking the trout.

Connie works hard around the campsite.

She loves shopping and ice cream.

We kept it simple with the fish and grilled them on the stove.

We seasoned them only with a little salt and pepper.

Beeto helped cook the potatoes.

They were yummy!

Karen helped grill the asparagus and eggplant.

Karen always wins the game count.

The kids keep track of who wins each game, and they play a LOT of games!

Karen and Mitchell had a really long drive to get here.

We're so glad you came!

The asparagus and eggplant were yummy.

We just drizzled a little bit of olive oil on them and seasoned them with salt and pepper.

Jessica helped cook and clean up.

Thanks, Jezzie!

Gary and Rick are always helping, too.

The clean-up crew is super-important when camping!

After clean-up, it's time to roast marshmallows!

Karen and I miss Robert's trusty green jacket that he had for 30+ years.

He got a new one a couple of years ago.

Robert is indispensable when we go camping.

Beeto's fun.

She made up a campfire game, on-the-spot.

She asked, "What's your favorite color?" and everyone around the circle answers.

Then she chose someone who had to go around and repeat everyone's answers.

Then that person asks the next question and chooses someone to repeat the answers.

It was really fun and we got to know everyone a little bit better.

Some of the other questions were:

Who's your favorite actor?

What's your favorite car?

If you could have any superpower, which would you choose?

Thanks, Beeto, for the fun game!

Jezzie made s'mores.

She's saying, 'Here, take a closer look!'


Rick's really good at fishing the creek.

He likes to release them, we had plenty to eat.

Mitchell's fun.

He's game for anything.

Last year he swam across the lake in the icy water.

This year, I think he won the cookie count.

I really enjoy his commentary during our card games.

Mitchell put the roasted marshmallow on top of a chocolate chip cookie.


We all couldn't go camping without Gary.

He works hard to get everything ready, packs it all up, and when we get home--he unpacks it all, cleans everything up, and puts it all away.

I really appreciate everyone making the effort to come camping!

Thank you, all, for such a nice weekend!

No printable recipe today.


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