Friday, June 24, 2011

Grilled Japanese Aji Mirin-Boshi

Have you had your Omega-3s today?

Oily fish has gained such popularity at my house.

My husband likes to eat healthy.

I talked about it a little when I made mackerel in my Holy Mackerel! post.

Aji is a type of mackerel--Spanish mackerel, and mirin-boshi means it's saturated in mirin--sweet cooking sake.

This is my husband's idea of a great meal.

All I really have to cook is rice--and then I send him outside to grill the fish!

I bought this package at Marukai Market.

You can most likely find something like it at any Asian grocery store.

What you're looking for is Aji (that's Spanish mackerel) Mirin-Boshi.

This label was on the bottom of the package.

It's also called Prepared Horse Mackerel, Aji Mirin-Boshi.

Simply take it out of the package and cook it on the grill over low heat.

Cook it until it gets some nice color being careful not to burn or tear the skin.

Serve with some fresh, lightly salted cucumbers and few grape tomatoes, along with some steamed brown rice.



Did you notice the Japanese dolls in the background of the previous photo?

They're Japanese kokeshi dolls.

I love kokeshi.

My favorites are specifically the kind with the bobble-y heads and the elaborate painting.

I got this one when I visited Nagoya, years ago.

It's still one of my favorites.

From what I understand, this style of kokeshi was popular in the 1950's and 1960's.

My favorites are the old-fashioned ones that have kimonos painted on.

I don't remember how I got started collecting them.

Maybe it was when I was a little girl and a tiny kokeshi was included in the package of katsuo-boshi (shaved fish).

What I really like about them is the detail of the paint.

They even have cowboy kokeshi dolls.

I really love cowboys, too!

No printable recipe.


  1. Mackerel is one of my favourite fish. Love the skin no grill! Yummy!
    The kokeshi are so cute!

  2. My wife loves grilled aji, but doesn't know how to properly grill it so the only place we've found it grilled is at the Ninja-ya market by the university in Honolulu. They only have it periodically though. Notice no printable recipe. But appreciated you article on the Kokeshi dolls.